Introduction of suction type specific gravity stone remover


The stone remover utilizes the different characteristics of the specific gravity and suspension speed of the grain and the side stone. With the help of the airflow through the gap between the grain flow and the particle material, the grain and the side stone are classified and heavy in the lower layer. The two are in the reciprocating motion of the sieve plate. Under the action, each moves in the opposite direction, thereby separating the side by side stone from the grain.

This machine adopts a vibrating motor drive mechanism, stable operation, firm and reliable, stable process performance, low vibration, low noise, no dust overflow, and convenient operation and maintenance.

It is convenient to adjust the air volume and pressure, and has a large display device. It is equipped with a large lighting and suction hood. The movement of the material is clear at a glance. It is equipped with advanced lighting to observe. There are four cleaning hand holes on both sides of the sieve body. The angle of cocoa, the adjustment range is 7-9°, so this machine can achieve the effect of stone removal within the fluctuation range of output and is used to remove different kinds of stones, such as grains, miscellaneous grains, fats, feeds, and other chemicals.

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