Daily maintenance of rice mill


The rice mill is a kind of grain processing equipment. During use, we need to maintain it frequently to extend the life of the rice mill. Here is a brief introduction to the maintenance of the rice mill.

1. The rice processed by the rice mill must maintain a certain degree of dryness, and the general moisture content cannot exceed 14% & 15%. When the moisture content of the rice is too high, the rice grains will be broken, which will affect the quality of the rice and increase the power consumption.

2. Pay attention to check whether there are nails, stones and other debris in the rice, so as not to enter the whitening room and cause blockage or damage the rice sieve.

3. Before starting the machine, check the rice sieve, rice knife, drum core and other parts to see if the bolts and nuts are tightened.

4. Rotate the drum before starting up to check if there is a jam.

5. When the machine is turned on, run to the normal speed with no load first, then pour the rice into the feeding hopper, and pay attention to the operation of the rice mill at any time.

6. After working every day, check the rice milling machine and supporting facilities once a day, and deal with any problems in time to ensure that the rice milling machine is always in good condition.

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