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Drag Conveyor Chain

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                                     Drag Conveyor Chain

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless steel

Suitable: LTR—For Round plastic drag flight,  to install U type scrapper (conveyor)
               LTF—For EN Masse plastic type plastic drag flight, to install flat scrapper (conveyor)
               LT—For Metal drag flight conveyor
• It consists of a combination of inner and outer links. 
• The bush/pin connections between the links are available in a circlip, split pin, or a riveted version. 
• The steel scrapers can be either bent or welded. 
• UHMWPE lights are suggested to attach to the scrapers for more eficiency and high wear resistance.

Technical specifications:

Remark: Special size chains can be made as customer's requested.

Drag Conveyor Chain

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Material: NB, Silicon, PU
ф16mm, ф19mm, ф22mm, ф24mm, ф26mm ф28mm, ф32mm, ф35mm, ф40mm, ф50mm, ф83mm
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