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Sectional Screw Flights

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                                                                   SECTIONAL SCREW FLIGHTS

Material: Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Wear Resistant Steel, Stainless Steel, etc.

• A proprietary process coming into its own when material type, material thickness, big diameters, hard controlled special gauge are considerations and can’t be accomplished by conventional continuous rolled forming process.
• A single pitch construction with consistent cross sectional thickness between inner and outer edges. Every screw flight section is formed accurately up to the customers’ size.
• A wide range of size up to2000mmin diameter,40mmin thickness,1500mmin pitch are available.
Ribbon, Tapered and Variable Pitch Flights are available on application. Flights can also be hard faced or coated with wear protection materials.
• High precision, with no minimum order quantity requirement and customized size can be met.


Sectional Screw Flights

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Material: NB, Silicon, PU
ф16mm, ф19mm, ф22mm, ф24mm, ф26mm ф28mm, ф32mm, ф35mm, ф40mm, ф50mm, ф83mm
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