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Spout Pipe and Fittings

Mainly used in flour mills, feed mills, seed processing line and food processing industry. Mostly for the pellet and powder conveying pipeline and pneumatic conveying system.
Material:  carbon steel or stainless steel.
Specifications: 100 - 250

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Mainly used in flour mills, feed mills, seed processing line and food processing industry. Mostly for the pellet and powder conveying pipeline and pneumatic conveying system.

Material:  carbon steel or stainless steel.

Specifications: 100 - 250


Spout Pipe and Fittings

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Material: NB, Silicon, PU
ф16mm, ф19mm, ф22mm, ф24mm, ф26mm ф28mm, ф32mm, ф35mm, ф40mm, ф50mm, ф83mm
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